Business Support


Our ERP Consultancy division is headed by a Senior Partner having vast experience in implementing ERP solutions for diverse industries.  We undertake the responsibility of assessing and mapping the requirements of the clients, floating enquiries, evaluating bids, negotiating and selecting vendors, plan and monitor the roll out and hand over the implemented site to the client.  We involve ourselves right from concept to completion of the projects.
We do not have affiliations or associations with any ERP vendor to avoid any influence of vendor or specific technology.  We advise the right platform, technology and vendor after considering several parameters like existing level of infrastructure, present and future business plans of the client and the volume of transactions.

Contact Partner: Atul Bagla, Neeraj Agarwal

SOPs Development

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is a mandatory component of any business model. SOPs act as the process book that describes a step by step instruction compiled by organisation to help workers to carryout routine operations. SOPs aim to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance while reducing miscommunications. Standard Operating Procedures describe how processes execute as well as detailing the roles and resources that are involved in a particular process. At OPBCO, we take care of SOP development by creating it, reviewing it and periodically updating the SOPs.

Contact Partner: Nitin Jain, Kripa Shankar Shukla

Entry Strategy

Indian economy is growing at a faster pace in comparison to other nations and has shown resilience in times of global financial crisis. Today, the Indian market with more than 1 billion population has become a hub of opportunities for the foreign investors, who can clearly see the chances of massive growth and expansion here.
We suggest, plan and implement entry strategy for your business by doing a detailed analysis of the regulatory environment, evaluate alternative entry options and decide best fit option.

Contact Partner: Atul Bagla

Regulatory Approvals

We have specialized teams to assist in incorporating a company or setting up an office including all approvals from the ‘Reserve Bank of India’ (RBI), ‘Registrar of Companies’ (ROC), ‘Foreign Contribution Regulation Authority’ (FCRA) and other concerned bodies.

Contact Partner: Rakesh Kumar

Fund Raising

We assist our clients raise growth capital through venture capital, private equity or banking channels (non-equity), where we provide turnkey support involving preparation of pitch documents, building a valuation model and in ensuing negotiations. OPBCO advises and manages the raising of capital for management buy-outs, acquisitions, or to finance growth. Simply raising funds is not enough – we work to secure financing for clients at the lowest cost, from people they want to be in business with.

Contact Partner: Rakesh Kumar, Atul Bagla, Neeraj Agarwal